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Australian College of Mental Health Nurses
46th International Mental Health Nursing Conference 2022

'Mental Health Nursing in a Climate of Change'

The conference theme 'Mental Health Nursing in a Climate of Change' acknowledges the disruption and distress generated from the global pandemic, and the growing impact that climate change will have on mental health. The theme recognises the capacity and potential for mental health nurses to support individuals and communities in responding to crisis, challenges and change.


Moreover, as our understanding of the underlying causes of mental distress, and the evidence for the effectiveness of particular treatments and practices evolves, mental health nurses will need to lead by example in advocating for services that embrace new ways of thinking and working with people in our care. This is a pivotal time for our profession and the entire mental health sector.


The conference will showcase the unique contribution of mental health nurses, and provide an environment for lively collegial discussion and debate on the challenges associated with preparation, recruitment and retention into the specialty. Keynotes will be invited to share with us their ideas around how we ensure that mental health nursing not only survives, but flourishes - now and into the future. A number of panel sessions, workshops and concurrent presentations will provide delegates with opportunities to reconnect, reflect and refresh.  

  • How will mental health nurses contribute to recovery efforts from the pandemic and natural disasters?

  • How should mental health nurses respond collectively to the new normal?

  • What opportunities are available for mental health nurses to adapt to and lead changes in thinking and practice? 

  • How do we ensure we have a sustainable and skilled mental health nursing workforce into the future?

  • How do we influence mental health policy directions from 2022 onwards?

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